Best 7 Marking Tools

Marking Tools

Hi readers, Today I am going to discuss marking tools. Which are mostly used in the mechanical sector for fabrication work. So before discussing marking tools and it’s typed first know what is marking tool? Also Read – Best 7 Types of Vernier Caliper What is Marking Tool? The marking tool is used to mark on a workpiece to get … Read more

Best 7 Types of Micrometer


The micrometer is an essential and liner measuring tool. It is more accurate than the vernier. It is a c-shape frame. It is also called a caliper due to its similar appearance to the caliper. It is used in the mechanical sector for exact measurement. Before discussing all  first know what is the micrometer? Also … Read more

Best 7 Types of Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper

Vernier caliper is a linear measuring instrument. We can measure a small object. Every mechanical student and employee should know about this. In this article, I explain full details about it. Before discussing all vernier first know what is Vernier ? Vernier Caliper: The word vernier means any instrument with two jaws. It is used … Read more

Best 9 Measuring Instrument for Mechanical sector

Measuring Instrument

In this article 9 essential Measuring instruments for mechanical engineers. Every Mechanical Engineering student and mechanical employee should learn about this. This equipment is very important for perfect measurement. So This equipment is used in industries and the mechanical sector. Before discussing measuring instruments first know what are Metrology and Mechanical measurements? Also Read – … Read more

Best 9 types of Mechanical Gears

Mechanical Gears

To transfer power or load from one place to another place we use the gear. Mechanical Gears is mostly used in Mechanical applications for transmitting power. Nowadays gear is used in every sector or every application. But in all applications, the same gear is not present. As per need and load capacity gears are different. … Read more

Best 5 types of Roller Bearing

Roller Bearing

INTRODUCTION: Bearing is a necessary part of industrial purposes. The Roller Bearing is related to ball bearing. The roller bearing is related to rolling element bearing. It is like a ball bearing. If you want to know ball bearing then click here. If you want to know full details about bearing and its type then … Read more

What is a Ball Bearing and Define its best 5 types?

Ball Bearing

Bearing is a necessary part of a machine.  Ball Bearing is related to roller bearing. Now it is used in every machine to reduce friction between two moving parts. There are so many bearings is used in machines as per need. If you don’t know about bearing then it is the right place. I have … Read more

Awesome details about bearing its 3 functions and types


The Bearing is one of the easiest important machine elements of Mechanical. It is used to decrease the unwanted vibration of a shaft. It is used in industries, household items, and medical equipment. So I discuss full details about it. I give knowledge that will help buy the right components. This information is also helpful for mechanical engineering students for studies.  Here I explain its definition, types, function, components, material … Read more

4 Best Examples of Open System in Thermodynamics

Open System in Thermodynamics

INTRODUCTION : There are so many systems that are needed to study thermodynamics. Today I explain Open System in Thermodynamics. A system implies simply the collection of matter. Which wants to be studied in thermodynamics. That may be the water in a pipe, engine oil in the engine, open container and liquid in a heat … Read more

Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics

Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics

INTRODUCTION : The zeroth law is one of the best laws of Thermodynamics. I discuss the Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics in this article.  Here I also write the application of zeroth law and some other topics about zeroth law. So read this article and out quarries in your mind. So don’t worry I explain all about … Read more

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