Best 7 Marking Tools

Hi readers, Today I am going to discuss marking tools. Which are mostly used in the mechanical sector for fabrication work.

So before discussing marking tools and it’s typed first know what is marking tool?

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What is Marking Tool?

The marking tool is used to mark on a workpiece to get accurate size and shape. Before using marking tools on a workpiece, firstly we should plan on it and do a rough diagram. Then we can easily mark the workpiece.

 Another name of marking tool is marking out tools.

There are some types of marking tools are given below:

  • Surface plate
  • Scriber
  • Punch
  • V – block
  • Angel plate
  • Try square
  • Divider

Surface plate:

Marking Tools
Image. Credit – Rrudzik

A surface gauge is a type of marking tool. It is used to draw a line in layout work by using a surface plate. It is used for marking larger jobs. The surface plates are made of grey cast iron.

There are two types of surface gauges

  • Fixed Type Surface Gauge
  • Universal Surface Gauge

Fixed Type Surface Gauge:

Its manufacture consists of a heavy base and a spindle. It is a straightforward fix. Fixed type surface gauge is fitted by manipulating a scriber with a clamp nut. 

Universal Surface Gauge:

Some features of universal surface gauge:

  • It can set the spindle in any position
  • We can do fine adjustments quickly.
  • It can also be used on cylindrical surfaces. 


Marking Tools
Image Credit -Glenn McKechnie

The scriber is the most important marking out tool in the mechanical workshop. It is made of hardened steel material. Its length is about 150 mm to 300 mm long. Its diameter is 3 to 5 mm. It has a conical point and knurled body. Scriber both ends design like a needle.  It is used like a pencil to scratch or scribe lines on the workpiece. The bent end is used in this place where the straight end cannot reach. The scriber’s point is so sharp that it is used carefully.


Marking Tools

A punch is necessary equipment for mechanical fabrication work. Punch is used for purpose marking and locating centers. In mechanical two types of punch are used.

They are:

  • Prick punch
  • Center punch

Prick punch:

The prick punch is a sharply pointed tool. The tapered point crate has an angle of 60°. It is used to make small punch Mark’s on layout lines to make them last longer.

Center punch:

The center punch is  same looks like a prick punch. Its point has an angle more obtained use than the prick punch point. It create 99° angle. The center punch is used the prick punch mark larger. A strong blow of the banner is needed to mark the point.

V block:

Marking Tools
Image Credit – Rrudzik

The v block is designed from hardened steel and cast iron material. We found v blocks in different sizes. It is mostly used in drilling and round works. Its v-shaped create a perfect 90°angle. The angle is both top and bottom.

There are some types of v block here:

Single level single groove v block:

It has only one v groove. It has single rectangular slots holding clamps on each other.

Single level Double groove v blocks :

It consists of a single v groove and two rectangular slots.

Double level single groove v block:

It consists of two v grooves. The v grooves are fit on the top and bottom side by holding clamps.

Match pair v block:

We get this type of v block in pairs. The pair are the same size and have uniform precision. It is used for supporting a long shaft.

Angel plate:

Angel plate is made of gray cast iron. There is two plane surface at right angles. The plane surface is at a right angle to each other. This is used for supporting work in the perpendicular position. It has various slots to enable the work.

Try square:

Marking Tools
Image Credit – Sunnybansodeva

The try square blade and the beam are made in one piece. When another surface is at a right angle it is necessary.


Marking Tools
Image Credit – Rama

This is a marking tool. It is used to mark circles, segments, and other geometrical textures. It is also used to transfer textures. It is made of steel. Its points are hardened and tempered. It is categorized according to the most number of points it can open.

Some uses  of divider:

1.    It can measure the distance between two points.

2.    It transfer measurements from the steel rule. 

3.    It is used to mark circles and arcs on metal jobs. 


In this article, I have already explained the definition, types. Marking tools are necessary equipment for fabrication work. The mechanical engineer and employee know this. My moto to write this article is to know details about marking tool.

Thank you

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