4 Best Examples of Open System in Thermodynamics

Open System in Thermodynamics

INTRODUCTION : There are so many systems that are needed to study thermodynamics. Today I explain Open System in Thermodynamics. A system implies simply the collection of matter. Which wants to be studied in thermodynamics. That may be the water in a pipe, engine oil in the engine, open container and liquid in a heat … Read more

Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics

Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics

INTRODUCTION : The zeroth law is one of the best laws of Thermodynamics. I discuss the Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics in this article.  Here I also write the application of zeroth law and some other topics about zeroth law. So read this article and out quarries in your mind. So don’t worry I explain all about … Read more

Best 6 Limitations of First Law of Thermodynamics and its Applications

Limitations of First Law of Thermodynamics

INTRODUCTION:  It is an essential need of a student who studies in Mechanical Engineering and +2 & +3 science. Knowledge of Limitations of First Law of Thermodynamics and it’s applications are required for the study and daily life. It is useful in the work area for a good solution. So you clear the Basics about … Read more

First Law of Thermodynamics

First Law of Thermodynamics

It is an essential need to learn the basics of the First Law of Thermodynamics. It is required for both Mechanical Engineering Students/Science student and Mechanical Department employee. In this article, I define the First Law of Thermodynamics as fundamental. Which is used fully in your study, interview. Before discussing all about first know what … Read more

Best Thermodynamics Basics and its 4 laws


It is a compulsory need of a student. Technical work area worker who studies or works. Thermodynamics is incredibly important in studies and work areas. Who must know about it then this is often the right place. during this article, I discuss the entire information about it. Here I will also discuss its history, definition, … Read more

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